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Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibilities

Prespa Invest is a company that takes into consideration and realizes the importance and the necessity of Corporate Social Responsibility. We have put a lot of energy and efforts to reach the right position in the Albanian society, to which we belong, including all the ethical principles of doing business.

In our philosophy, the Company cornerstone values are:

  • Quality of services and products
  • Contemporary facilities and services
  • Attention to employees and collaborators
  • Exchange relations with the local communities

Prespa Group members; provide services and products at a high quality prior, during and after the business development, creating opportunities for customer incentives, suppliers, and community. Quality of doing business in this Group, is customer oriented, guaranteeing European standards in all the activities performed. The Group is focused not only in business issues, but also in the environment that surrounds us and how our operations affect it. We do our best to offer to the community, a healthy environment.

On the other hand, the Group encourages its employees to provide excellent results bearing in mind our principles and most of all we try to make them acknowledge the values ​​and the ethical code of the Group. Employees are protected in conformity to the Albanian legislation framework as well as in conformity with the EU standards and their safety at work in the area of construction indicates the serious attitude of the Group toward them and the several projects that implements.

On the other, the Group is engaged through various programs, with the aim to involve the community in our activities in order to affect various segments of their social life.

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