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The Companies of the group

The Companies of the group

Actually the Group is composed of two Companies:

Prespa Invest

The Company, established in 2007, is a trading, construction and investing company, which purchases, develops, manages and sells real estate assets.

Through the construction of special facilities of its kind, such as residential, commercial, industrial, resorts, Resorts etc., it meets the needs of every person, to find his comfort, enabling a better living, relaxation, fun and purchase enjoyment.

The Company directs the investment activity for Real Estate. We are investors, entrepreneurs, owners, contractors and working on several projects for real estate development.

We are focused on large commercial properties such as multi-functional shopping centers, residential residences, complexes of villas, resorts, etc.

Prespa Import Eksport

The Company, established in 1993 with the decision of the Court of First Instance no. 7595, develops import-export and trade of industrial goods and materials. As well, as the production and marketing of building materials and aggregates, and the supplying of construction services and services similar to character building.

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