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Vision and Values

Vision and Values

The vision of Prespa Invest:

The most competitive Development Group in Albania, We create standards, the others follow.

Prespa Invest values.

We are constantly evolving for better

Our Group is constantly evolving toward new and innovative ideas that are presented for sophisticating the processes and procedures that represent a given relationship.

We select, inspire, listen

The voice of our collaborators and their involvement in decision making is an important element of our company. Constantly, meetings at all levels are held with focus on the problem resolution jointly and to promptly decide on the best ideas to be implemented.

Minimization of bureaucracy

Our principle is: “Bureaucracy kills energy”; to us it is the principal hostility of productivity and results.

Press out the hierarchical barriers

We reduce the levels of hierarchy. The management, the decision making and the responsibility is in the hands of those who direct the department respectively and not in the hands of the project planners that are outside the company.

We are a company that learns

Each member of the company is characterized by the desire and ability to learn from every source and rapidly implement them into practice.

Appreciate intellectual capital.

Our human resources are our cornerstone asset. Guided by the principle that we contract only the best collaborators, we filter our human resources by choosing only experienced professionals that can be an added value for the Group and for our goals.

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