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Green Earth

Green is an entrepreneurial venture with a mission of leveraging expertise in strategy and technology to promote sustainable practices among organizations, communities, and individuals. Founded by MR Florian Voko, a serial entrepreneur and scholar on developing high-growth ventures and entrepreneurial eco-systems, the company is an innovative experiment in growing ultra low-footprint organizations. The central mission of the company is to influence the behavior of organizations, groups, and individuals by offering practical, cost-effective, and sustainable choices in a variety of products and services. Using an organic, highly flexible, and non-hierarchical matrix organizational structure that can operate with very low overheads, Green has demonstrated that growth can be propelled with passion and ideas and need not be tied in with the resources used or capital invested.Green has strategic tie-ups with a wide network of experts in the fields of Entrepreneurship Development, Business Strategy, Education, Technology, and Sustainability. The company’s core competency is in the following areas:
  1. Alignment of entrepreneurs values and passion with organizational objectives;
  2. Assessment and selection of the most suitable and viable business model;
  3. Strategy development;
  4. Organizational design,
  5. Technology assessment and audits;
  6. Deploying sustainable practices; and
  7. Performance improvement. We leverage the state of the art technology tools and applications such as cloud computing, mobile apps, and social media to help our clients in all the area listed above.
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